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What happens if the clean up of a Superfund site is not successful?

The Superfund program has an extensive assessment and monitoring process to ensure that Superfund cleanups are successful. Once the actions identified in the Record of Decision (ROD) have been completed, a site enters a phase called Operations and Maintenance (O&M) which lasts as long as the cleanup technology is needed to protect human health and the environment. During that time, EPA works with the state and/or the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) to ensure that the cleanup is successful. Every five years after construction of the remedy, as long as waste remains on site that restricts the use of the property, EPA will assess the site to ensure the remedy remains protective. If at any time EPA determines the cleanup is not protective of human health and the environment they will work with the state/tribe and PRPs, or use the Superfund Trust Fund, to take additional action at the site.

To learn more, please see the Cleanup Process section of our Web site.

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