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What are some of the lessons learned by past Community Advisory Groups?

Over the years, Community Advisory Groups (CAGs) at Superfund hazardous waste cleanup sites have benefited from one another's experience. Since Superfund wants CAGs to be as successful and as involved as possible, we have compiled the lessons they have learned. Please see the "Lessons Learned" section of the Superfund publication entitled Community Advisory Groups: Partners in Decisions at Hazardous Waste Sites to learn more about the advice past CAGs have for successful partnerships with Superfund.

If you would like to read a case study of a CAG, please see "A Community Advisory Group in Action: South Carolina Residents Take Charge," which appeared in the Superfund Today: Focus on the Community Advisory Group Program edition.

Superfund has also prepared a handbook for CAGs entitled "Guidance for Community Advisory Groups at Superfund Sites" that you may find helpful.





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